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   We are a small company based in southwest Missouri, that provide All- Natural Soap, Lip Balm, Lotion, and Sugar Scrubs straight from the farm for anyone who likes great smelling, effective and All Natural products to use on your skin.  

Our Old-Fashioned lye Soaps contain a perfectly balanced blend of scents, hand made using our original family recipe to deliver some old fashioned goodness to moisturise, clean and restore even the driest skin.

Simply Scrubbing Soap

The Lotions we hand craft have been proven to moisturize, enhance restoration for and protect dry, cracked skin while providing a non-greasy original formula that is long lasting and easy to use.

 Our lip balms have been a favorite from the start, handmade using lanolin as a base to ensure gentle hydration and long lasting protection against drying, cracking and windburn.

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