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 Added by Sue M.
December 28, 2014
These are the best products I have ever tried.   To confirm this I must share this story.   Last week I went to have a pedicure with the same girl who has been doing my pedis for a long time .  She was amazed at how smooth my heals were and no cracks!   It did not just happen overnight, but I have used these products for several months and can tell so much difference in my skin.  No winter itchy stuff with dry skin .   That is totally reason enough for me to continue using these products.
Added by Debbie C.
December 13, 2014
 Thanks for an easy site on which to order your one of a kind products which are second to none. If you like products that work, are natural and safe, feel great, leave you clean and provide a slight hint of natural oil scent that is suitable for even the most sensitive, order these products.
I have allergies and haven't had a single issue with anything. I have tried almost everything they offer at this point and recently provided a variety of their  smartly branded soaps in a basket for my daughters baby shower with a sign that read "Thank you for coming to our shower. Here's something for your shower." Everyone in attendance picked 2 bars to take home with them...and would have taken 10 had I provided them.
The soaps were a huge hit! Everyone loved them. You will too. Buy a variety, put them in a gift basket and give someone something they will not get from anyone else... and they will enjoy the products for weeks! 
Don't forget the laundry stick! So far it has taken out dozens of new and OLD stains! It works!
Added by Anonymous
March 8, 2014
When your products arrive and you opened the box be prepared for the first treat . The room will be filled with wonderfully natural fragrances. I put our gift basket in our bedroom at night and I felt like I woke up in a spa! Come to think of it… I think I’ll put the soaps in our dresser drawers and use them like a drawer sachet until we’re ready to use each of them as soap! I’m probably going to carry soap in my purse for the bliss of the aroma. Can you tell I LOVE these products?
I’m doing my best to keep my gift basket assembled to show my friends … but last night I gave-in and tried the Tahitian Vanilla Soap, The Sugar Scrub and lotion. The soap rinses perfectly, the sugar scrub is gentle and the lotion is wonderfully emollient. 
As a highly allergic person I am also pleased to report a most agreeable outcome. My skin was soothed and hydrated. 
My husband says it's the best lip balm he has ever used. I can't wait to try the stain stick.
The attention to detail in the presentation of each product is inspiring. There is a noticeable measure of love in the labor which makes products like yours so meaningful. These are go-to products for any and every occasion. Try them. You will be delighted!