Magic Stain Stick

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This magical stain stick works wonders to safely remove the toughest stains from fabric. It has worked on everything from grape juice and paint to mud and grease. It comes in a pack of two, and is a perfect way to keep your clothes looking their best. 

In the deep heart of the Ozark Mountains, Lauren and Macy are working on their last batch of soap. While making it, they remind themselves of the beginning of their adventure about 10 years ago. They started making soap for the family, but they soon realized the world had to know the wonderful formula made with Dexter Cows Milk. The farm fresh cow milk gives the soap a rich creamy lather. Palm oil, coconut oil and olive oil comprise the base of the soap, and shea butter is added to moisturize the skin. Beeswax keeps the soap bar hard and long lasting. All of their products are made with hard work, character, love, and ingredients you can pronounce, and best of all, they smell amazing!

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